Hey Ivanka Trump, you’re next

If you want to understand Robert Mueller’s still largely-unmapped tour de force against Donald Trump and how it ends with Trump’s downfall, follow the patterns. Look at what he’s revealing right now with the criminal charges he’s bringing against those in Trump’s orbit. Look at what he’s using to apply the most leverage of all. What you’ll find is a trail that leads to Ivanka Trump in handcuffs. Allow me to explain.

It’s been widely reported that Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort was conspiring with a Russian oligarch about the election while was running the campaign. We all agree that this behavior was treasonous in nature. But it’s also tricky to establish the particular laws that were violated, partly because prior to Trump-Russia, no one had ever committed these kinds of treasonous crimes. So take a look instead at the most cut and dry criminal charges against Manafort: money laundering. Financial fraud. Business fraud. Obtaining loans under false pretenses. Real estate fraud. It’s all about the money. Now apply this to the Trump Organization.

Who’s the relative brains in the Trump real estate empire? Ivanka. Who spearheaded the Trump Organization deals with convicted Russian money laundering figure Felix Sater? Ivanka. Who kept popping up at Trump’s fraudulent overseas real estate projects in an effort at making them look legitimate? Ivanka. Who had to have known these were money laundering fronts? Ivanka. Her fingerprints are all over the Trump Organization’s financial crimes more than anyone else in the building, maybe even more so than Donald.

So now we know that Robert Mueller is going to use financial crimes to make sure that the Trump-Russia traitors are brought to justice, whether their treason can be proven in a court of law or not. And we’ve already clearly seen that Mueller likes to go after crimes committed by family members in order to get the end result he wants for his primary suspects. It’s not difficult to figure out that Mueller is going to squeeze Ivanka Trump for financial fraud in order to force Donald Trump out of office. At the rate Mueller is going, Ivanka’s time is probably coming soon.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report