Here’s the thing about today’s Marjorie Taylor Greene court ruling

As expected, the judge has ruled against removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot. This was always a wild crapshoot. As we explained from the start, the goal was not to get her off the ballot, but to force her to testify about 1/6, which puts her in a world of legal hurt.

Greene is almost certainly already under DOJ criminal investigation in relation to January 6th. In fact it’s been reported that the DOJ has a grand jury targeting unnamed people who work for Congress. If Greene is one of them, it just got a lot easier to prosecute and convict her, due to her incriminating testimony and her perjury.

As we’ve also pointed out from the start, the Democrats’ odds of winning the midterms are probably better with a controversial pariah like Greene on the ballot; every Republican in a swing district will have to answer for her deranged antics.

As a reminder, the 14th Amendment is not a magic wand that can be used to simply bop bad people on the head and cause them to fall through a trap door. These kinds of battles always have to be fought in court. And as we warned everyone from the outset, the only legal precedent for using the 14th Amendment in this manner is 150 years old and murky at best.

Even if Greene had lost this ruling, she certainly would have appealed, and this would have gone through several more rounds of trials. There simply are no instant magic wands in politics. But to be frank, having someone like Greene on the midterm ballot is about as close as you’re going to find to a magic wand – for the Democrats. It’s not about whether she gets reelected. It never has been. It’s about how many moderate House districts the Democrats can take away from the Republicans just by tying the incumbent Republican in that district to Greene’s antics and the GOP’s failure to do anything about her.

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