Here’s the thing about the PowerPoint slideshow that’s blown the Trump election overthrow plot wide open

When Mark Meadows briefly decided to cooperate with the January 6th Committee before changing his mind, a lot of observers took it as some kind of bluff. But it’s now being reported that while he was briefly cooperating, Meadows gave the committee his own incriminating text messages, along with a PowerPoint document that incriminates the entire Trump White House in the election overthrow plot.

This proves Meadows is an idiot for giving up this kind of evidence against himself and others, only to then back out and gain no leniency for his cooperation, while also managing to put himself on a path to criminal indictment for contempt. But the PowerPoint document itself proves two things in its own right.

First, the sloppy and idiotically delusional plan contained in the PowerPoint document proves that the election overthrow plot was hilariously inept and had zero chance of even coming close to working. Even if they’d succeeded in killing VP Mike Pence, for instance, it wouldn’t have resulted in Trump somehow magically remaining in power. The whole thing was guaranteed to fail.

Second, the fact that theTrump White House Chief of Staff and others were circulating a PowerPoint slide show documenting how they intended to overthrow the election, proves that this was indeed a treason plot involving the uppermost levels of the Trump regime.

Believe it or not, both these things can simultaneously be true. Just because someone commits a crime like treason or election fraud in an ineptly stupid way that has zero chance of achieving any of the stated goals, it doesn’t mitigate the crime that was committed. It’s still treason and election fraud – even though they were the Keystone Traitors.

We give Trump and his goons way too much credit, and leverage, when we pretend that their treason plot “almost worked.” That kind of inaccurate doomsday hyperbole only leads them to mistakenly think they almost succeeded, and therefore motivates them to want to try again.

We should all be loudly and repeatedly pointing out that Trump’s impotent treason plot didn’t come within a million miles of having any chance of working, both because that’s the accurate truth, and because it’ll make Trump and his goons realize there’s no point in trying again.


All that said, it’s now more clear than ever that Donald Trump and his White House carried out a treason plot against the United States, and must therefore be criminally charged accordingly. The good news is that the January 6th Committee, and thus by default the Department of Justice, now have the incriminating evidence that Mark Meadows stupidly turned over before flip flopping. Because the evidence has been turned over, it’ll make it a whole lot easier for the DOJ to prosecute the Trump White House for it. And because the evidence is public, it’ll make it a whole lot harder for the DOJ not to prosecute the Trump White House.

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