This can’t be real

– Conservatives always insist that celebrities should stay out of politics. Maybe that’s because whenever a celebrity speaks up on their side, it’s always someone as pathetic as Jon Voight or Kirstie Alley, as we were reminded on Twitter tonight. Is there a single conservative celebrity who can express their political point of view in even remotely coherent fashion?

– The sitting President of the United States is literally talking about fleeing the country to avoid prosecution for his crimes. Again, this is happening in the United States. Remember when this kind of thing only happened in other countries? The truly remarkable people is that most people want him to stay, because they want the satisfaction of seeing him go to prison for his various crimes.

– Tweet of the day, from the legendary George Takei: “The two most important things you can do to help end this pandemic are 1) wear a mask, and 2) vote for Joe Biden. If we want our long, deadly nightmare to end, we must each do these things.”

– Tweet of the day #2, from former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman: “Trump attacks journalists for asking questions he doesn’t like. Biden gets upset when journalists promote Russian disinformation designed precisely to promote bogus allegations to influence the election. They are not equivalent.”

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