Here’s the crazy part

The crazy part is when you learn that Donald Trump engaged in a bribery for pardon scheme with his criminal pal, and you have to ask which one. We know that the person’s name is five to six letters long and ends with an “S” but Trump has so many criminal pals, that still doesn’t fully narrow it down. This is like Wheel of Fortune, but with criminals. Instead of buying a vowel, you’re buying a pardon.

That’s right, based on the length of the redacted word, the mystery person’s name appears to be five to six characters long. It might be the first time in the Trump era that character matters.


– A few days ago, Donald Trump stepped in it by having a televised meltdown at a tiny desk instead of the Resolute Desk. Trump has done so many embarrassing things since then, the desk incident was in danger of being forgotten. But now Trump is ranting about the Resolute Desk again, thus ensuring everyone remembers his embarrassing meltdown. Whatever game this guy is playing, it sure isn’t helping him.

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