Here’s the amazing part about the DOJ busting Donald Trump’s pardon for cash scheme

This evening, unsealed court documents revealed that the DOJ busted Donald Trump and his White House for trying to sell a pardon for cash, as part of a larger Trump White House bribery scheme. This has set off all kinds of speculation about who might be involved, because the names are redacted – and that appears to be the point.

If the DOJ had simply named and arrested the person who tried to buy the pardon, things might have ended there. In fact, in such case, Trump might have turned around and simply tried to pardon the person again. But because the judge is putting this out there with an air of mystery, it’s got to be spooking everyone else who’s corruptly seeking a pardon from Trump right now.

This could serve to have a chilling effect on Trump’s pardon antics between now and the end of his term. We still expect him to try to pardon himself and his family, because he doesn’t really have a choice. But just maybe, the mystery surrounding the name of the DOJ target will put a damper on the rest of Trump’s pardons. In any case, arrests in this DOJ case will surely come eventually.

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