Here’s just how unpopular Donald Trump has become

Donald Trump manages to outdo himself every day by achieving new lows for the country, the presidency, and, most of all, his loathsome self. Once this hate-mongering wrecking ball leaves office, America can look forward to regaining its standing and admiration in the world. In the meantime, it is already clear that Trump’s legacy will be defined by his years of enthusiastic cruelty and gross negligence.

It is not surprising that the name “Donald” has fallen to record lows recently. This year, the name fell 27 places to #553, the all-time lowest ranking, according to new Social Security Administration data, after having broken the same record last year when the name dropped 39 spots to #526. It is probably no coincidence that the names of Trump’s family members, such as Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, and even Barron, have also been falling out of favor.

While this decline in naming popularity reflects a growing repulsion of Trump among Americans, another development reveals a disturbing embrace of Trump overseas by dangerous people. Far-right activities in Berlin recently invoked Trump’s name “with messianic zeal” as they attempted to storm the Reichstag (where the German Parliament meets), according to the New York Times. Emboldened by Trump’s hateful language and his promotion of conspiracy theories, the activists proudly added Trump’s face to T-shirts and banners, including Germany’s pre-1918 imperial flag that remains a favorite among neo-Nazis.

Trump has set his dark legacy through a series of colossally poor and selfish choices. It goes without saying that a President of the United States who becomes a hate symbol while in office should not serve another term, let alone another minute throwing hate-filled tantrums behind the Resolute desk. By contrast, America’s brightest days lie ahead. On November 3, we must slam the door on Trumpism and unlock the gates to a new era—one marked by unity, equality, respect, prosperity, and, most important of all, good health.

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