Here’s how you really know it’s over for Donald Trump

– Donald Trump still isn’t done pretending he’s “contesting” the election result, because he wants to keep fundraising from his supporters and sticking the money in his pocket. But that’s going to dry up once more of them figure out Joe Biden has won. New polling says that nearly 80% of Americans now agree that Biden won. Mathematically speaking, that includes a majority of people who voted for Trump. That number will keep going up, and Trump will soon have too few suckers left to milk.

– Palmer Report, 11:11am today: “The longer this goes on, and the worse it looks, the more of Trump’s allies will selfishly sell him out in order to protect their own future political viability.” Key Trump ally Robert Jeffress, 11:48am: “Biden is President-elect.” I’m not Nostradamus. It’s just not that difficult to see which way these kinds of patterns are playing out.


– Tweet of the day from Marc Elias, who has been leading the charge in winning all the election court battles against Donald Trump: “I have worked on 10 statewide recounts/post-election fights. It sucks, but every year I have to tell candidates that their race isn’t close enough and they should concede. The presidential election is not that close. The results won’t change. Someone needs to tell that to Trump.”

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