Here’s how we stop Mitch McConnell from filling RBG’s seat

Mitch McConnell will do everything he can to confirm someone. Chuck Schumer will do everything he can to block or delay it. But neither of them has a magic wand. Therefore, neither of them will decide whether the confirmation happens – you will.

First rule of dealing with McConnell: never take his words at face value. He has no idea yet whether he has the votes. But he’ll publicly insist that he does have the votes, in the hope you’ll assume you’ve lost, so you’ll give up and stop fighting. Don’t let him psych you out.

It’s not about whether you trust the likes of Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Gardner, etc. They’ll always do what they think is personally best for their careers. It’s about whether you can convince them that their only shot at keeping their careers is if they refuse to confirm.

One thing for all republican Senators to keep in mind tonight: Susan Collins voted for Kavanaugh, and as result she’s losing her Senate seat by 12 points. Mitch McConnell promised he’d take care of Collins, but it didn’t happen. Other republican Senators can’t count on McConnell to protect them either.

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