Here’s how stupid Brian Kemp is

Just how stupid is Brian Kemp? Recall that Georgia’s lowest IQ governor since Lester Maddox didn’t know that coronavirus could be spread by asymptomatic carriers. Not content to be thought of as merely stupid, however, Kemp recently entered the stratospheric arena of worldclass vacuous morons when he personally sued Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over the city’s mask mandate.

As is so often the case with Republicans these days, particularly Republicans of the Trump bootlicking variety, there is a stated reason and a true reason for what they do. The ostensible reason Kemp gives for personally suing Mayor Bottoms (and her entire city council by name) is because he claims she and they are trying to “shutter businesses and undermine economic growth.”

No she hasn’t. She tried to get Atlantans to wear masks in public so they would be safe. But because she criticized Donald Trump for not wearing a mask, who was in violation of city ordinance when he made a recent (and increasingly unwelcome) trip to Atlanta, Trump’s prizewinning bootlicker, sycophant and part time lickspittle had to get even with the mayor. He sued her and hoped his daddy (both earthly and heavenly, no doubt) would notice and approve.

While visions of sugar Trumps dance in Kemp’s wee little head, human beings are dying from this pernicious virus. As the Mayor (who recently tested positive for coronavirus herself) correctly points out, “over 130,000 people in [Georgia] have tested positive for COVID-19, over 3,100 people have lost their lives, and instead of speaking in the same accord about how we can stop the spread of this virus, this governor is taking taxpayer money to sue me personally.”

The truly satisfying part to all this is we don’t need to wait four years to watch Kemp’s superhero go down in flames — only four months. Kemp, who is an election-thief besides being a premier Trump creep, will join his lord and master at the bottom of the cesspool of history at some point later. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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