Here’s how badly Donald Trump has blown it

The most damaging political scandals aren’t the ones that come out of nowhere and don’t fit the profile. The most damaging political scandals are the ones that serve to drive home what we already know about someone. Donald Trump’s deranged attacks on the U.S. military are blowing up in his face so badly right now because the scandal underscores that Trump is who we thought he was.

To give you an idea of how badly Donald Trump has blown it, he ended Friday night by demanding that a Fox News reporter be fired. He had to trot out Melania to attack the media. He made a sworn enemy of Sully Sullenberger of all people. Trump has also somehow managed to completely cede John McCain’s legacy to the Democrats, despite the fact that McCain was a lifelong Republican.

It’s still difficult to calculate precisely how much or little this scandal will hurt Donald Trump in the polls. But it’s clear by now that the story isn’t going away. With Trump now frantically playing defense, now is a prime opportunity for us to double down on voter registration, turnout, phone banking, and volunteering. Let’s really run up the score and drive this traitorous loser out of office and into prison.

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