Here we go…

Last night we got confirmation, from a court filing, of what we intuitively already knew: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is making one or more “big fish” arrests within the next ten days. We don’t have names, or how many people will be involved; all we know is that at least one of them has been sold out by Paul Manafort. But we know that whatever “it” is – whatever we’ve been waiting for – is happening. So now what?

We’ve already seen Donald Trump’s big endgame strategy, or at least the latest iteration of it. He shoehorned Matthew Whitaker into the Attorney General slot while naively failing to realize that Whitaker’s appointment would be challenged in court, and that Whitaker’s own walk-in closet full of skeletons would be used to try to pressure him into recusing himself, or that Whitaker may simply be too stupid to remember what it was he was supposed to do after Trump installed him.

The ineptitude of the Whitaker gambit has become so blindingly clear that even Trump seems to have finally figured it out over these past few days, and has been dissolving into a puddle of goo accordingly. It’s not just his tweets; his staffers keep telling the media that he’s angry and withdrawn and seems to think he’s about to go down. So now that Plan C has failed, what is Trump’s Plan D? Does he even have one? Is he still functional enough to carry it out?

Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is seven days from now. So unless you think Robert Mueller is planning to bust people’s doors down during a holiday weekend (which come to think of it would fit his aggressive style), we’re probably looking at major arrest(s) coming within the next six days. It’ll take Trump five and a half of those days to figure out what’s coming, because he’s stupid. So get ready for all kinds of fireworks, and you’ll probably like most of them. Oh, and it turns out Julian Assange has already been criminally charged.