Here we go with the Supreme Court

The Texas handmaid’s law is vile, and there is no excuse for the Supreme Court allowing it to stand. But now they’re getting a bit of a do-over. The Biden administration has once again asked the highest court in the land to block this beastly law.

The question is: will the court do the right thing this time? It is possible. The court received a great deal of criticism for their indifference to the law, and said criticism obviously irked some court members. This, however, does not necessarily mean they will step up to the plate. Let’s break it down.

We only need the vote of one Justice to turn things around. Who might that Justice be? Certainly not Clarence Thomas. To whom might we look toward? Neil Gorsuch? He is an unlikely champion; however, he has surprised us once or twice, and so I would not rule him out.

Kavanaugh is a possibility. Like Chief Justice Roberts, Kavanaugh seems to be worried about the court’s public image, which right now is underwater. And what of the handmaid herself? I do see Barrett as a follower, more than a leader. She may not speak out on her own, but if any of her fellow Justices seem to be turning in a specific direction, she may follow.


So, we will have to wait and see. The court is getting a do-over. This is something that does not happen much, and they are being given another chance to do the right thing. Only time can tell us whether they will make good on that chance.

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