Here comes Robert Mueller’s indictment of Devin Nunes

The people surrounding Donald Trump and Devin Nunes, who advised them not to release Nunes’ misleading memo about supposed FBI abuses in the Trump-Russia investigation, are clearly students of history. They know that Richard Nixon’s illegal attempt at covering up Watergate took him down more quickly than Watergate itself could have. Unfortunately for Trump and Nunes themselves, they either don’t know their history or they learned the wrong lessons from it. Trump may well never learn, even as he’s being dragged off. Nunes is about to learn his lesson the hard way.

Devin Nunes doesn’t appear to be a mentally deranged malignant narcissist with sociopathic tendencies and early signs of senility. Trump fits that description, but Nunes is simply an idiot. We should say he’s a political idiot, because we have no idea what his IQ is, or if he’s competent at running his winery business back home. Nor do we care. All that matters here is his political IQ, which we already knew was very low, and which we learned this week might well be zero.

We know that Nunes was on the Trump transition team. We know that Michael Flynn told the transition team about his illegal plot with the Russian Ambassador against the United States. We know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has Flynn’s cooperating testimony and all of the transition team emails. We don’t know if that would have been enough to take Nunes down. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Devin Nunes, whether because he was too stupid to know better, or because Trump conned him into it, proceeded under the notion that it was better to illegally obstruct justice than to simply face the consequences of his original involvement. Nunes has played right into Mueller’s hands.

We’ve seen Mueller indict Trump’s co-conspirators for as little as lying to the FBI just to get them to talk. We know that Mueller is indicting everyone he can possibly indict, in order to force more people to flip. And we know Mueller is prioritizing obstruction charges in general. Nunes just handed himself to Mueller on a silver platter. Here comes Mueller’s indictment against Nunes for obstruction. He’ll have no trouble getting it now.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report