Here comes Donald Trump’s week from hell

Donald Trump will get one more round of news coverage on Monday morning for the U.S. military raid against ISIS leader Baghdadi, and he’ll be lucky if the coverage isn’t focused on the mounting inconsistencies in his claims about the raid. After that, the news cycle will be back to what it would have been if this raid hadn’t happened – and let’s just say that this is about to be a very difficult week for Trump.

It got temporarily lost in the chaos of Donald Trump’s bizarre stunt-like tease of the Baghdadi raid, but late on Saturday, Trump’s own guy Gordon Sondland publicly confirmed that he told the House impeachment inquiry that Trump was indeed running a quid pro quo in Ukraine. This was right after State Department official Philip Reeker reportedly gave some of the most damaging impeachment testimony to date. But it’s about to get even worse for Trump.

This week White House official Tim Morrison is expected to testify against Trump as well. The witnesses just keep getting closer to the Oval Office, and Trump hasn’t been able to stop almost any of them from testifying. In fact things are getting so ugly for Trump on the impeachment front, you’ve got a witness like Sondland trying to publicly get on the right side of it, even as Trump’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly is already essentially writing an obituary for Trump’s presidency.

This week feels like impeachment is going to reach critical mass. The witnesses against Donald Trump keep piling up. Impeachment poll numbers keep rising. The antics being carried out by Trump and his allies aren’t doing anything to turn the tide. This is likely to be Trump’s ugliest week to date.

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