Here comes Donald Trump’s week from hell

Donald Trump will almost certainly not be indicted or arrested this week. By all accounts the criminal justice process isn’t there yet. But this week is set to be particularly ugly for him on the criminal justice front, for a couple reasons.

First, suffice it to say that New York Attorney General Tish James has revealed the criminal component of her investigation into the Trump Organization for a reason. The Manhattan District Attorney criminal investigation into Donald Trump has been in front of a grand jury for about a year and a half, and there would be little reason for her to pile on right now unless it’s very near the indictment stage.

James is also revealing her long running criminal probe into Allen Weisselberg for a reason: this is the part where prosecutors make abundantly clear to top underlings that it’s their very last chance to flip before going down with the ship. Weisselberg will flip soon or the case against Donald Trump will move on without him. In fact, if Weisselberg doesn’t flip, Trump will likely be indicted sooner, because prosecutors won’t have to work through Weisselberg’s testimony and evidence before indicting Trump; they’ll just roll with what they’ve got.

So what’s the second reason that this week is going to be terrible for Donald Trump? The media has finally decided to properly cover the fact that Trump is under criminal investigation. This means we’re about to see leaks, whistleblowers, new revelations, you name it. The coverage will just keep getting uglier for him until he does get indicted.


When Donald Trump lost the election, Palmer Report said that the only truly relevant remaining storyline surrounding him would be his downfall at the hands of the law. Sure enough, this is now starting to become clear. There’s not going to be a magic comeback in 2024. His fatally low favorability rating isn’t going to turn itself around. He’s not going to become relevant again, except as a defendant. Trump has been waiting to finally start getting big headlines again. Unfortunately for him, the headlines are about the destruction of his life. This week will be brutal for him. Future weeks will be even worse for him.

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