Rudy Giuliani needs help

If not for the fact that Rudy Giuliani was knee deep in the criminal conspiracy to rig the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, and therefore deserving of every bad thing coming his way, we’d almost be tempted to feel sorry for him at this point. Rudy was once respected across the nation for his post-9/11 performance as the Mayor of New York City. Now his reputation is in ruins, and he’s in desperate need of help.

Rudy Giuliani is either increasingly suffering from some kind of mental breakdown, or increasingly becoming senile, or faking all of the above in the hope it’ll somehow get him off the hook for his criminal antics. The guy keeps incoherently and vacantly melting down on cable news in such convincing fashion, it might truly be difficult to fake it. But it’s not just his television appearances.

Now that cable news networks seem to be booking him less often, presumably because his credibility is completely shot, Rudy is reduced to trying to get his message across on Twitter. This week he’s been tweeting things like “What about Cohen locking in the phones in the desk” and “Daniel claim is dead and with it Avenati’s meal ticket” and leaving observers to try to figure out what – or even who – he’s talking about. Then he tweeted something about “Leekers” – raising the question of why he’s become as poor of a speller as Donald Trump has.

Weeks ago Rudy Giuliani acknowledged that the Department of Justice Inspector General interviewed him in February about his role in conspiring against Hillary Clinton during the election. That means Rudy is under criminal investigation, and he clearly has no defense. His quixotic effort at getting himself off the hook by representing Donald Trump has gotten him nowhere. Rudy needs help – but he’s not going to get it.

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