Donald Trump’s day from hell

Donald Trump has had so many bad days thus far in his illegitimate presidency, it would be a lot quicker to list off his small handful of relative good days. Trump has a historically low approval rating, a legislative agenda which consists of an incredibly unpopular tax scam and pretty much nothing else, a Russia scandal that’s closing in on him, marital problems, health problems, and early signs of dementia. If that’s not bad enough, Trump may be having his worst day yet today.

Trump came into today in a deep hole. His Nunes memo stunt backfired on him on Friday as the stock market was plummeting, and then most of his Republican allies spent the weekend hanging him out to dry on the memo. He needed a big win today. So how did things go? Suffice it to say that the stock market suffered its biggest single-day loss in history today, and that may not even be the worst thing that happened to Trump today. He’s been bragging about the stock market ever since he took office. Now he can’t even do that anymore, and here come a whole bunch of controversies and scandals.

The federal government is about to get shut down for the second time in a month on Trump’s watch. Most Americans blamed him and his party last time around, so they will again this time, except it’ll be even more embarrassing. Instead of trying to work with the Democrats, he spent the day falsely accusing them of felonies on Twitter. He’s too angry and spun around to even try to negotiate his way out of this. It gets worse.

Now that Donald Trump’s memo stunt has flatly failed, he’s that much closer to having to either grant an interview to Robert Mueller or invoke the Fifth Amendment. He’s desperate to avoid having to do either of those, and yet he’s headed straight into it. This might be his worst day yet, but far worse days for him are coming soon.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report