Dumbass Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between a heart and a kidney

Donald Trump is coming off one of the more humiliating moments of his historically humiliating failed presidency, when he claimed last week that the United States won the Revolutionary War (or the War of 1812) by taking the airports from the British. He also revealed that he didn’t know those were two different wars. Now, as Trump’s cognitive abilities continue to fail under the pressure of his worsening scandals, now he’s gone and managed to top it.

Trump held an event today announcing that he’s going to help people with kidney disease. It sounds like he’s doing the right thing for once, though considering his corrupt track record and propensity for doing the precise opposite of what he’s claiming to do, we won’t be shocked if it later turns out that he’s using this as an excuse to harm kidney disease. We’ll keep an eye on that going forward, but for now, the trouble is that Trump appears to have a brain disease.

During the event, Donald Trump said this: “The kidney, very special, the kidney has a very special place in the heart. It’s an incredible thing. There’s a spirit like you see rarely.” No, really, he said this. It’s been documented by CBS News, and Bloomberg, and MSNBC, and we won’t blame you if you want to check all of them before believing that Trump really did say something this idiotic.

Trump apologists will claim that he simply randomly misspoke, and if this were an isolated incident, that might be a valid argument. But this is the same guy who claimed last week that there were airports in the time of George Washington, and who claimed last month that the Moon is a part of Mars. Now Trump doesn’t know the difference between a heart and a kidney. There’s something wrong with this guy’s brain, and it’s getting worse.

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