Donald Trump’s health is in freefall

Donald Trump struggled to walk up another ramp on Friday, and then he spent his speech talking about why he doesn’t talk about his ass. The whole thing was jarring, disturbing, and embarrassing – for the nation and for him. What’s more, given the trajectory that his recent public appearances have been on, it wasn’t particularly surprising.

Most of the coverage of the debacle, both in the media and in social media chatter, came in the form of asking what’s wrong with this guy. It’s the right question. The trouble is that we keep asking it rhetorically, as if Trump were merely incorrigible. The reality is that at least on a basic level, we know what’s wrong with Trump.

Imagine if that were your grandpa up there yesterday, struggling to walk, looking like hell, struggling to read words on a page aloud, and then going incoherently off-script in the kind of embarrassing manner that you’d end up having to apologize for. You’d be sitting your grandpa down with medical professionals.

Donald Trump literally said “I don’t talk about my ass” during a public speech yesterday. Are we supposed to pretend this is merely because he’s an ass? It’s time to stop rhetorically asking what’s wrong with Trump. It’s time to acknowledge that he’s in psychological, physical, and cognitive collapse. In addition to everything else that’s always been so horribly wrong with him, Trump is coming off like a guy who’s in the process of going senile – and perhaps even in the process of keeling over.


If Hillary Clinton’s brief health problems in 2016 and Joe Biden’s mere age in 2020 are fair game for people who are asking to be President of the United States, why aren’t we screaming from the rafters that Donald Trump is presenting as being half senile and half dead? It’s an incredibly important reason not to vote for Trump, and we can’t afford to be polite when it comes to talking about it.

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