What’s going on with Donald Trump’s health now?

If any other U.S. President was unexpectedly taken to the hospital and then the White House issued a laugh-out-loud phony explanation for what happened, it would be a major scandal. But because Donald Trump is a walking talking major scandal, it’s been largely forgotten that he was taken to the hospital a month ago and then claimed that it was because he had spontaneously decided to get part of his annual physical done three months early.

The trouble now is this: Donald Trump no longer appears to be playing golf. This feels like an odd complaint, considering we used to ding him for playing way too much golf. But it was the one and only form of physical activity that he used to routinely get – and since his hospital run, it’s stopped. Yes, it’s cold up north. It isn’t exactly golfing weather in the DC area or New York area. But Trump owns Mar-a-Lago in Florida, which has golfing weather all year long, and he’s down there all the time, or at least he used to be.

Absence of evidence does not constitute evidence of absence. Just because Donald Trump has stopped playing (or largely stopped playing) golf since his unexpected hospitalization, it does not prove that he has a health issue that’s preventing him from playing. He happens to be getting impeached right now, and while he’s never cared about appearances before when it’s come to golf or weekend Mar-a-Lago trips, perhaps one of his advisers has finally convinced him to stop golfing while impeachment proceedings are going on. Or maybe he’s just so petrified by impeachment, he’s too distracted to play. There are a number of explanations.

But when you add the golf thing to the incremental increase in instances where Donald Trump hasn’t been able to speak right, and the isolated instances where he didn’t seem to be able to fully get one arm or one leg to work right, all of which have transpired in the month since he was unexpectedly hospitalized and lied about why, it means we should still be asking the question. The “President” of the United States lied to us about what medical condition or emergency landed him in the hospital. Now that Trump is starting a Mar-a-Lago holiday vacation, where he has access to golf and other outdoor activities, we should scrutinize his activities. The public has a right to know if he’s now in too poor of health to remain in office.

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