Donald Trump is having a really bad night

When Donald Trump insisted that he was never briefed on Russia’s scheme to pay the Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers, he boxed himself in. It meant that the media and/or whistleblowers merely have to prove that Trump was briefed, and it’ll make the scandal even bigger for him, because it’ll mean he lied about it.

We don’t yet have that smoking gun. But this evening CNN confirmed that the information about the Russian bounties was indeed included in the President’s Daily Brief a few months ago. Of course that doesn’t prove Trump actually read it, and as we all know, he’s not particularly literate. But the briefs are verbally summarized to him by his national security underlings, so now we have an evidence trail to follow.

From here it’s a matter of figuring out who briefed Donald Trump on that particular day, and subpoenaing that person to testify as to whether he or she told Trump about the Russian bounty material that was in the printed material. We can’t imagine that any national security briefer would skip over what was a de facto act of war on the part of Russia.

The bottom line: this all keeps getting even worse for Donald Trump tonight. Each new piece of information that surfaces will serve to further box Trump in, and put us that much closer to proving that he did indeed know Russia was murdering U.S. troops.

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