Donald Trump is having a really bad day

To give you an idea of how far removed an unceasingly befuddled Donald Trump is from having a 2020 campaign message, he woke up today and incoherently tweeted “TRANSITION TO GREATNESS!” without any possible context. Unfortunately for him, that was probably the closest he came to being coherent at any point today.

At one point Donald Trump tried to accuse California Governor Gavin Newsom of rigging this Tuesday’s special election by installing a “voting both system.” We think he meant “booth,” but really, at this point, it’s entirely possible he really does think votes are cast in a “voting both.”

At another point today, Donald Trump posted four tweets in a row about baseball for no apparent reason. By the time Trump yelled “SCAM” for no apparent reason, it was pretty clear that he’s having a really bad day. We know he was recently exposed to coronavirus. But has anyone tested him for, you know, rabies?

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