Donald Trump wishes he could have this tweet back

If you’re going to secretly conspire with a tabloid newspaper to destroy the marriage of the world’s richest man, it’s probably not a good idea to go on Twitter and brag about the demise of the guy’s marriage while praising the tabloid that published the dirt. But that’s precisely what Donald Trump did. Now he’s found a way to do something even stupider.

Here’s what Trump tweeted just a few weeks ago: “So sorry to hear the news about Jeff Bozo being taken down by a competitor whose reporting, I understand, is far more accurate than the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper, the Amazon Washington Post. Hopefully the paper will soon be placed in better & more responsible hands!” This tweet didn’t age well.

If Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos already suspected that Donald Trump was plotting with his friend David Pecker when it came to the National Enquirer story about Bezos’ affair, this tweet surely left Bezos – and the rest of us – with little doubt. Bezos ended up putting together an investigative team to try to prove that Trump was in on it.

That’s the point at which the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him into laying off the Trump connection, or else it would publish his compromised personal photos. Bezos then decided to blow up the whole thing by going public about the extortion attempt.

Donald Trump completely screwed himself with this tweet about “Jeff Bozo” and the National Enquirer. Not just in the court of public opinion, but also quite possibly in actual court. When Trump is inevitably criminally charged with having conspired with Pecker against Bezos, his tweet can be used as evidence that he was in fact in on the plot.