Everyone hates Donald Trump and he just can’t handle it

It must be tough being Donald Trump these days. When he’s in bed all day watching cable news, it’s becoming harder than ever for him to find someone who’s blowing smoke up his butt. Trump’s presidency has been such an inept, immoral, criminal, horrifying freak show, CNN and MSNBC are giving less airtime than ever to their token handful of pro-Trump commentators, and even Fox News is incrementally backing away from Trump as he circles the drain. Trump is noticing it, too.

For instance, yesterday Trump found himself ranting about cable news coverage of him for hours on end. He started with this absurd tweet: “Watched MSNBC this morning just to see what the opposition was saying about events of the past week. Such lies, almost everything they were saying was the opposite of the truth. Fake News! No wonder their ratings, along with CNN, are WAY DOWN. The hatred Comcast has is amazing!” So now he’s attacking MSNBC’s parent company Comcast, just days after he called for a boycott of CNN’s parent company AT&T. Does he really have nothing better to do?

As it turns out, Trump really doesn’t have anything better to do. Four hours after his first MSNBC rant, he was still going: “Little Donny Deutsch, whose show, like his previous shoebiz tries, is a disaster, has been saying that I had been a friend of his. This is false. He, & separatelyErin Burnett, used to BEG me to be on episodes of the Apprentice (both were bad), but that was it. Hardly knew him, other than to know he was, and is, a total Loser. When he makes statements about me, they are made up, he knows nothing!” And yes, Trump typed “shoebiz” instead of “showbiz” because he’s an idiot.

What stands out here is that Donald Trump is now watching MSNBC enough to finally begin publicly attacking it, which was never the case before – and he appears to be watching CNN more often than ever. This tells us that as one Fox News personality after another has decided to go negative in an effort to get out ahead of his downward spiral, Trump is now spending more time flipping to the other cable news channels in the hope of finding a sycophantic word about him. Trouble is, he’s increasingly coming up empty across the dial. Everyone hates Trump and he just can’t handle it.

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