Donald Trump wants you to know that he really, really hates America

Donald Trump really, really hates America and everything it’s supposed to stand for. He reminds us of this nearly every time he opens his mouth. But in the past few days in particular, as Trump’s criminal scandals close in on him, Trump has decided that he really wants you to know that he hates America and everything it’s supposed to stand for. Here’s a highlight reel of the people and things Trump has publicly attacked this week:

– John McCain
– General Motors
– New York
– Stephen Colbert
– Hillary Clinton
– The FBI
– California
– Jimmy Fallon
– Google

Notice a pattern here? Let’s see. One recently deceased American war hero. One widely respected former U.S. Secretary of State. Two broadly popular American talk show hosts. Two of the most influential states in the United States. One iconic American company, and one newly crucial American company. This reads a lot like the kind of anti-American list you’d expect Al Qaeda to publish, and yet it’s coming directly from the mouth of the “President” of the United States.

Of course there’s one demographic missing from Donald Trump’s attack list: white supremacists. But then, Trump can’t be attacking his own team. That of course, unless you’re a white supremacist like Ann Coulter who’s had enough of Trump’s crap, then he’ll attack you. This scumbag is running out of allies. But on his way out, he really wants you to know how much he hates the American way of life.