If Donald Trump hated last night, he’s going to really hate today

Donald Trump got hit with an ugly dose of reality last night when he attended a World Series game and – when his face appeared on the Jumbotron screen – the crowd began loudly booing and then began loudly chanting “Lock him up!” Trump looked deflated and dour, as the specter of his eventual fate behind bars wrestled with his delusions telling him that he’s going to somehow magically survive all of this. If last night was ugly for him, today might end up being even uglier.

Trump is headed to Chicago today to meet with the police, and then hold a fundraiser at his own hotel. He won’t face any protesters or dissenters on the inside of this event, of course. But for the rest of the time he’s in Chicago, he’ll face nonstop dissent. His limo ride will feature wall to wall protesters. Every time he steps out of the car there will be picketers.

Donald Trump has spent more time trashing Chicago than just about any other U.S. city, and Trump’s remarks about Chicago always end up having a racist tinge to them. Yet now he has the nerve to show up in Chicago and pretend to care about the relationship in the city between the police and the public.

Trump’s police meeting is just an excuse, of course, to visit his own property and use the presidency to grift more money. We have no doubt Trump will hear plenty more “Lock him up” chants while he’s in Chicago today. If Trump really wanted to help clean up crime in America, he’d start by surrendering himself for arrest and trial.

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