Trump and the GOP try one last Hail Mary

Although the pandemic is getting considerably worse in a number of states as colder weather looms closer, the Republicans aren’t all that interested about it, even if a few of them have already been exposed and tested positive for COVID. They rightly sense that the numerous flaws with America revealed by this pandemic have shown why their agenda is out of touch and their party is unfit to govern, so they’re pulling one last Hail Mary effort to pack a staunchly conservative Supreme Court along with a number of federal judges, even while knowing it will cost them in the upcoming election.

Kamala Harris, who is sitting in on Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing virtually while on the campaign trail, weighed in on all of this during her appearance on MSNBC and she gave a blunt, yet reasonable and thoughtful analysis of the entire situation that we’ve come to expect from her.

While the GOP is determined to rule by chaos and misinformation, Sen. Harris offered a vision of a future where America’s leaders listen to the science when it comes to stemming the pandemic and climate change, and where the concerns of the American people will actually be addressed when it comes to reopening the economy. She reminded host Rachel Maddow that Joe Biden not only had a plan to deal with COVID, but he tried to reach out to Donald Trump early on in the pandemic with his proposal – putting country over politics simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Trump chose to not take it seriously, even after catching the virus himself. Fortunately, there’s an election in 20 days, and the choice couldn’t be clearer – with only one political party taking the virus and its consequences for the nation seriously. This is why we should vote as soon as we can and encourage everyone around us to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.

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