Texas Governor Greg Abbott just stepped in it

Texas Republicans are betting big on the notion that they can effectively ban abortion by sending bounty hunters and lawyers after anyone who dares to help facilitate a woman’s right to choose. It’s an odd bet, given that most Americans oppose the legislation, and that it’s served to highly motivate them to fight back.

Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott is already facing tough questions, and he doesn’t appear to have realized they were coming. For instance he was asked how he can possibly justify requiring women to give birth to their rapist’s child. Abbott responded by saying that he’s going to “eliminate all rapists.” No really, he said this.

Obviously that’s not a real thing that a government can do, and everyone knows it. So now Greg Abbott has not only staked himself to the unpopular position of being anti-abortion, he’s now stepping in it so badly that he’s basically claiming rape doesn’t exist.

Keep running your mouth, Abbott. All you’re doing is ensuring that mainstream Americans turn out by the millions in 2022 to end your career, and the prospects for your Republican Party.

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