Greg Abbott has a whole new scandal

There is a quote that perfectly sums up the cowardice of the GOP: “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” – Leonardo da Vinci

It is a powerful quote and one that perfectly sums up the cringing silence of the Republican party. Donald Trump has no power. He has no authority. Yet, the GOP is acting like he does. With their blank stares, frightened silence, and pitiful obedience, the Republican Party has effectively been silenced. It has been silenced by a bullying pig who assumed an authority he wouldn’t have were the GOP to speak.

And this illustrates perfectly why we cannot allow them to take power. When fake authority is used to silence people, bad, bad things can happen. Events can occur, such as January 6. The silenced begins to cling to the silencer, desperate to please, open to anything so long as they’re liked.

Imagine if ALL the GOP had united as one against the fake authoritarian. What could Trump have done? He wouldn’t be able to conquer a tight unit. On the contrary, he’d have been banished to MAR-A-Lago. He’d have no power.

And now, let’s take a look at the latest desperate cling-on. His name is Greg Abbott. Abbott’s soul is doomed unless he finds his courage. I do not see that happening. He is successfully turning Texas into a third-world country, and we must stop him.

Where to begin with Abbott? He has allowed Covid to run rampant in his state. He has not fixed the power grid that has been responsible for so many weather-related issues in the state. He took away abortion rights for women. Now he is aiming his spinelessness on LGBTQ folks.

Per the Texas Tribune, Abbott has shut down a website that promoted anti-suicide resources. The reason he did so is one of his bonkers primary challengers complained about it. So, being the meek coward he is and undoubtedly worried about said primary challenger, Abbott proceeded to shut the site down.

This website was needed. Not only does it offer resources for LGBTQ folks, but it also offers information on many other things, such as foster care and gender identity.


But no. Abbott cannot have that, it appears. It might make him look like — gasp –a Democrat! I would strongly urge Texans to take action on this one and reach out to get the website back online. And for LGBTQ support please call (866) 488-7386. This is the Trevor Project and it is available 24 hours a day.

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