Greg Abbott gets desperate

Every time Republicans accuse you of doing something specific enough, it’s because they’re either planning it themselves or they’ve already done it before. It’s the best way to explain the latest stupid stunt from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is already suffering from plunging approval ratings. Somehow, he figures, the key back to winning voters over is to take President Biden up on his dare for Republican governors: Sue against having to enforce vaccine requirements in Texas. Not to mention how the overwhelming majority of voters and businesses are supporting the vaccine mandates, legal precedent all but guarantees that Abbott will lose this lawsuit.

Abbott has likely figured out that complaining about the lawsuits is only making the GOP look weak in the eyes of voters, so he decided to do some grandstanding. By announcing this lawsuit, he declared that as governor, he’s somehow more powerful than the President of the United States and claims he can circumvent the mandates by executive order. Of course, this is all grandstanding that’s only worth pointing out for when his lawsuit fails and makes him look weaker than ever. It’s just the latest example of how whenever Republicans accuse President Biden of acting like a dictator, they’re almost too quick to remind us that they dream of having this kind of power for themselves.


This is an opportunity for businesses and voters in Texas to take a stand against Abbott’s stupidity – for however long he plans on fighting it – to keep more people from being killed while we wait for a decision. The case against Abbott, however, is now stronger than ever – he’s a powerless wannabe tyrant who’s attempted to kill his state’s economy on multiple occasions.

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