The real reason Donald Trump is floating the insane idea of the U.S. acquiring Greenland

In the midst of a series of worsening scandals, a crumbling economy, and foreign relations run amok around the world, Donald Trump has decided he’s going to fix everything by … [checks notes] … having the United States acquire Greenland. No really, he’s floating this. There’s a reason he’s pushing this, beyond the fact that he’s a lunatic.

Let’s be clear here. Although the story of Trump wanting to buy Greenland is being reported by the Wall Street Journal, and not announced directly by the Trump regime, the only reason this story has gone public is that the Trump regime strategically leaked it. Considering all the things going wrong for Trump right now, and the cascading negative headlines, he needs an utterly ridiculous distraction – and this fits the bill. But there’s more at play here.

Greenland is a territory of Denmark. But Greenland is self-governed, and Denmark isn’t just going to sell Greenland to the United States over the objection of Greenland. So this isn’t going to happen. Donald Trump is set to visit Denmark next month, which means he’ll get to keep milking this Greenland nonsense as an ongoing distraction for the next thirty or forty news cycles. The media can’t resist something this stupid, so the run-up to Trump’s state visit will be all about this nonsense of buying Greenland.

In the more narcissistic and delusional recesses of Donald Trump’s mind, he probably thinks he can somehow magically pull this off – or at least he knows his gullible supporters will eagerly buy into the fantasy.

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