Donald Trump’s insane plan to buy Greenland turns out to be even more idiotic than you think

Earlier today, the Trump regime leaked to the media that Donald Trump was privately inquiring about the possibility of having the United States buy Greenland. At the time, Palmer Report explained why this was a profoundly absurd idea. Now it turn out it’s even more idiotic than we initially gave it credit for.

Our original premise was fairly straightforward. Greenland isn’t for sale. Donald Trump is floating this nonsense about making the United States larger, because it sounds like a cool idea to his braindead supporters heading into 2020. It also serves as a distraction from Trump’s worsening economic, political, and criminal scandals.

But tonight Rachel Maddow pointed something else out. Even if one of Trump’s associates fed this Greenland idea to Donald Trump so it could then be leaked for reasons of distraction, it means the associate played Trump for a fool. This makes him look like a complete idiot, even if it does further the agenda being pushed by certain Trump advisers.

So not only is Donald Trump making himself look like an idiot by floating this idea about buying Greenland, it appears one or more of his underlings is making him look like an idiot in order to further their own goals. Trump really is a full-on stooge.

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