Green Shirt Guy laughs Donald Trump’s goons out of the building and becomes an internet sensation

As Donald Trump becomes more outlandish and dangerous than ever with his rhetoric, his supporters seem to be taking a cue from him accordingly. Trump’s rhetoric has resulted in a white supremacist shooting up an El Paso Walmart this past weekend. It also resulted in the “MAGA bomber,” who was finally sentenced to prison this week. Last night, two of Trump’s goons took a different approach, one fortunately without any violence, but nonetheless entirely inappropriate. They were promptly shut down, and for once, we all got to laugh about it.

The city of Tucson held a City Council meeting last night to decide whether to put a sanctuary city measure on the ballot. A pair of Trump supporters decided to interrupt the meeting. One of them, wearing a white supremacist “Make America Great Again” hat, began screaming things like “You’re in direct violation of the oath you took.” The rest of the audience began telling them to shut up, and one of them yelled “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass.” But the star of the show was Green Shirt Guy.

As the situation was playing out, a man wearing a green shirt in the front row couldn’t help but start laughing at the absurdity of the scene that the pro-Trump protesters were making. Green Shirt Guy just couldn’t stop laughing at them, and he became even more animated as Trump’s goons were kicked out by security. Watch the video below, captured by the local CBS affiliate:

The video went viral, and it prompted the hashtag #GreenShirtGuy to begin trending on Twitter, as everyone piled on about how his laughter spoke for us all. Kathy Griffin summed it up best: “Thank you #GreenShirtGuy Our new collective reaction! This reaction applies to whenever those fools chant and whenever Orange Dumbass appears.”

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