Robert Mueller just had another great day against Donald Trump

Robert Mueller has been having quite a few great days lately. He survived Donald Trump’s last ditch memo stunt aimed at getting rid of him, and since that time, he’s been dropping one indictment after another. He’s been cutting plea deals. He’s been crushing people around Trump in court, while making Trump look guiltier than ever in the court of public opinion. Today, Mueller had another great day against Trump, but this time for a very different reason.

Today was Saturday, so it’s not as if Mueller was going to be filing new indictments or making major legal moves. Instead, it was Trump himself who handed Mueller a great day. Because his memo stunt failed, and because the Democrats made such a big deal out of their rebuttal memo, Trump was eventually going to have to release it in some form. Today he pushed out a version of the memo that was redacted in needlessly heavy fashion, hoping that the weekend would give him cover, and relatively few people would pay attention to it. But it appears Trump miscalculated.

Because this is a weekend and Mueller didn’t make any move of his own, the Democratic memo is now getting all of the headlines. In any case, this memo is only out there making Trump look guilty because he insisted on releasing the idiotic Nunes memo to begin with. Even if the average American isn’t paying close attention to the content of either memo, what they’ve heard in general is that the Trump memo was crap, and that the Democratic memo exposed the Trump memo as being even crappier.

So yeah, Robert Mueller had a great day today without even having to make a publicly visible move. At the rate he’s going, he’ll be back to filing even more indictments and charges on Monday, even as Donald Trump continues to run out of ways to fend off Mueller’s advances.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report