New York grand jury targeting Donald Trump for indictment takes major step forward

Even as the House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump plays out in the headlines, and the specter of Trump’s ouster looms large in the minds of everyone involved, another aspect of the story has gotten precious little attention. There is a New York grand jury targeting Donald Trump for criminal indictment on state charges, and that grand jury is taking a major step forward.

The existence of this grand jury, and the fact that it’s targeting Donald Trump for indictment, have been confirmed through this week’s court ruling that Trump must turn over his tax returns. It’s the New York grand jury, along with the Manhattan District Attorney, who are seeking the tax returns. As Palmer Report wrote earlier this week, the grand jury doesn’t need Trump’s tax returns in order to indict him, as it already has evidence of a number of other Trump crimes. It’s about to get even more of that evidence.

State prosecutors are pulling Michael Cohen out of prison so they can meet with him about his testimony, and assuming it holds up, Cohen will then testify before the grand jury. This is according to a report tonight from CNN. Why is this important?

Cohen’s testimony, along with the scattered pieces of physical evidence he’s already publicly shown off, are enough to get Donald Trump indicted for a campaign finance felony and for other financial crimes. The grand jury is about to have everything it needs to indict Trump on state charges, which can’t be pardoned by any current or future president. The only remaining question will be whether New York indicts Trump while he’s still in office, or leaves the indictment sealed until the day he’s been ousted from office. Stay tuned.

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