Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley resort to desperate criminal stunt to try to save Donald Trump

We still don’t know precisely how or when Donald Trump’s illegitimate and criminal reign will end, but now we know it’ll likely end with Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley in prison. There is no other possible conclusion, after the desperate criminal stunt these two Republican Senators just pulled in the name of trying to prop up a depleted Trump a bit longer. This might be the most stunning development in the entire scandal to date.

Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley are formally recommending that a criminal investigation be brought against former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, the author of the “Trump-Russia dossier” which helped to expose much of Donald Trump’s treasonous conspiracy with the Russian government to rig the election (link). Under what legal grounds do they want Steele criminally investigated? Well, none. They’re simply calling for a political enemy of Trump to be put through the ringer by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Graham and Grassley know damn well that there is no legal basis for this. That makes their actions a crime. These two men just committed a felony. Moreover, they’re now officially part of Trump’s treasonous criminal conspiracy with the Russian government. Even though this is merely a political stunt on their part, it’s still a felony on their part. So what the hell are they doing this for, considering there’s a good chance it’ll land them both in prison once Trump is ousted and democracy is restored?

The only logical explanation is that these two Senators are obviously being blackmailed. Lindsey Graham admitted during the election that his emails were hacked. Those emails never surfaced. Someone must have them, and that someone (Russia, Trump, WikiLeaks, whoever) must be blackmailing Graham into taking these criminal actions. Something similar must be true with Chuck Grassley. They both fear their blackmailers more than they fear the possibility of going to prison for taking this illegal action against Christopher Steele.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report