Trump-aligned Governor of Oklahoma posts idiotic coronavirus tweet, deletes it

With Donald Trump still refusing to quarantine himself after having been exposed to the coronavirus, and now pretending that he’s tested negative for it, we suppose that “leading by example” isn’t something that’s in the Republican vocabulary these days. But even Trump grudgingly tweeted something in support of social distancing. That means Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is even worse at this than Trump is.

Governor Stitt posted a tweet depicting himself and his family at a “packed” restaurant on Saturday night. It wasn’t clear if he was trying to trick people into thinking it was safe to be out in such environments, or if he was just being that tone-deaf while putting his family at risk:


Either way, Stitt received widespread negative feedback from his tweet, to the point that “Governor of Oklahoma” began trending on Twitter. Eventually Stitt deleted the tweet in question. Stitt’s other tweets inexplicably include praise for Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, which probably tells you all you need to know.

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