Governor Andrew Cuomo slams Donald Trump over vaccine, says Trump is under criminal investigation in New York

During his press conference today, Donald Trump went on a lengthy and semi-incoherent rant about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, before seemingly threatening not to give the coronavirus vaccine to New York because he doesn’t like Cuomo. Trump can’t actually pull that off; this isn’t fantasyland. But it’s still an outrage that Trump is even making such a threat.

Shortly after Trump’s disastrous press conference ended, Governor Cuomo appeared on MSNBC and explained that he has full confidence in the vaccine itself. He even pointed out that Pfizer, the company that created the vaccine, is a New York company. Cuomo pointed out that Trump “lost New York State in the election by a huge margin. You have New York prosecutors who are investigating the president for tax fraud.”


– It’s cute watching MSNBC pundits finally start to sorta kinda admit that maybe Trump might be facing some legal trouble somewhere. They’re still not ready to acknowledge that Trump is obviously going to prison. They’re saving that narrative for later. But they’re getting there.

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