The real reason Trump and the GOP are suddenly pushing gun control legislation

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he’d fallen and broken his shoulder shortly after mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, some asked if perhaps he was faking it, so he’d have an excuse not to call the Senate back from recess and pass common sense gun control legislation. Now Mitch is reminding us why he doesn’t need to fake a shoulder injury.

This morning Donald Trump announced, surely at the behest of his legislative puppet master Mitch McConnell, that he’s in favor of doing gun control reform and immigration reform in the same bill. The thing is, when Trump says he wants immigration “reform,” what he really wants is funding for his stupid border wall and a congressional endorsement of his immigrant concentration camps.

By directly tying gun control legislation to his racist and deadly anti-immigrant policies, Trump is ensuring that the Democrats can’t touch any such bill. In other words, Trump gets to give off the appearance that he’s in favor of gun control, while knowing that gun control legislation will never land on his desk.

We say this idea had to have come from Mitch McConnell, because Donald Trump doesn’t think this three-dimensionally, but McConnell does. Mitch doesn’t need to do something as risky as faking a shoulder injury, when he can simply have Trump float gun control legislation that’s so full of poison pills, it’ll never go anywhere. Then the Republican Party can claim to have tried to do something about guns. We’ll see if any voters fall for it.

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