Gordon Sondland just got a bomb dropped on him

For the past couple weeks, Gordon Sondland has been taking on water from all sides and just barely hanging on by a thread. Now, based on new information about what was really going on behind the scenes in Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot, it’s fair to say that Sondland is officially drowning – and this comes just days before he’s scheduled to publicly testify in the House impeachment inquiry.

Gordon Sondland was so hellbent on forcing Ukraine to promote the fake Biden scandal, he was almost maniacally out of control about it, according to a startling new expose from the Daily Beast. Sondland apparently spent his meeting with Ukrainian government representatives yelling at them and “ferociously” demanding that they cave to Donald Trump’s extortion demands. Sondland’s behavior in the scandal was “erratic” according to those who witnessed him in action.

This paints Sondland as a guy who, despite having no known motive beyond wanting to please his hero Donald Trump, went completely out of his mind in the name of furthering Trump’s international criminal scheming. Sondland recently decided to belatedly start coming clean to the House impeachment inquiry, in the apparent hope of avoiding perjury charges, but he appears to still be leaving out several key confirmed details. Meanwhile, Trump is claiming that he barely knows Sondland, meaning that no magic pardon is coming.

So what’s Gordon Sondland going to do? If he publicly testifies this week to the full extent of the crimes that he and Donald Trump committed, he could still end up with serious criminal exposure – both for perjury and for his increasingly ugly role in the criminal Ukraine plot. That said, Sondland may still have a way out of this, thanks to another new bombshell.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday night that it has emails proving that Gordon Sondland was looping in Mick Mulvaney and Rick Perry about his Ukraine extortion efforts dating back to before Donald Trump picked up the phone and committed the impeachable offense. If Sondland can help solidify criminal cases against more important players like Mulvaney and Perry, he could yet prove himself valuable enough as a cooperator to avoid going to prison when this is over.

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