Gordon Sondland is a “national security risk”

This morning Palmer Report pointed out that something didn’t jibe between the testimony that Fiona Hill gave about John Bolton’s interactions with Gordon Sondland, and the testimony that Sondland is reportedly planning to give, in the Ukraine extortion scandal. Now we’re getting a little better sense of why that testimony may not be matching up: Sondland is in way over his head.

It turns out Fiona Hill utterly destroyed Gordon Sondland during her testimony on Monday. She painted him as being so uniquely unprepared and unqualified for the job, he was a potential “national security risk,” according to details just now leaking out in the New York Times. Interestingly, she’s not accusing him of being a villain, just massively and dangerously incompetent.

This may explain why Sondland appears to be panicking when it comes to his House impeachment inquiry testimony tomorrow. He’s reportedly planning to testify that John Bolton never warned him about the potentially criminal nature of the Ukraine extortion deal. That’s a problem for Sondland, because if he commits provable perjury, he’ll likely get indicted for it after Trump is gone.

At this point Gordon Sondland really has no choice but to come clean about everything, including confessing to his own role in the Ukraine extortion scandal, and then hoping that the post-Trump iteration of the DOJ decides his cooperation was enough to save him from prosecution. If Sondland tries to shield himself from prosecution by lying, he’ll only be making it worse for himself. The guy couldn’t be any more in over his head.

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