GOP unravels as Donald Trump circles the drain

The dust clouds from Election Day are beginning to settle, and we’re gradually beginning to get a clearer picture of what went down in the 2020 election – however manic that night and the subsequent days may have been. It’s now clear that Joe Biden is the winner – something more and more Republicans are coming around to accepting, however reluctantly, and that the vote isn’t even remotely close. Biden’s already up 4 points over Donald Trump with 51% of the popular vote – the highest vote share for a challenger since Ronald Reagan defeated President Carter in 1980. He’s also well on track to rake in over 81 million votes when they’re all counted. We also won two crucial Senate races on election night in key states and there’s two races that moved to a runoff that will determine if Democrats control the Senate.

We may not have gained seats in the House, but we’re still keeping the House – and if anything, this election has been a pretty balanced lesson in not getting complacent – as we’ll be facing a difficult midterm season in 2022 (that could also be an opportunity to grab senate seats in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania if we can find solid candidates), and a number of critical statehouse races next year. It’s also a time where you can be infinitely happier as a Democrat than a Republican, as the GOP feuding has gotten even worse in Georgia where they need to keep David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler’s senate seats.

Now, Newt Gingrich is encouraging state Republicans to protest against their governor – Brian Kemp. since he apparently didn’t do enough to help Trump win the state. This is of course because the party can’t ever admit that Trump might actually be the problem, at least not while he’s in office. It puts Loeffler in a particularly awkward position because she was appointed by the governor specifically because of her corrupt background, and she’s caught having to choose between two megalomaniacs. The GOP is at a pretty weak point in the worst possible spot for them – so now is our chance to run up the score by volunteering and donating to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff’s campaigns for senate today.

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