GOP Senators start cracking under the pressure of no-win Trump impeachment vote

Last night Senate Republicans launched a media campaign aimed at convincing everyone that they were simply going to acquit Donald Trump during his impeachment trial, and Trump and the Republicans would then magically be in prime position heading into 2020. They never bothered to explain how the unpopular move of acquitting Trump is somehow going to help them, but the false bravado nonetheless scared a lot of people.

Today we’re seeing striking evidence that it’s the Republican Senators who are scared. They’re facing the prospect of having to either alienate moderate voters by acquitting Trump, or alienate Trump’s base by convicting him. Either way, Republican Senators – even in red states – will head into their reelection bids in a weakened position. The impeachment vote is a no-win scenario for them. Accordingly, some of them are already cracking.

GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn lost her cool and posted this idiotically awful tweet: “Vindictive Vindman is the ‘whistleblower’s’ handler.” It left her flooded with tens of thousands of negative replies, and it prompted her name to trend as everyone piled on. The phrase “Purple Heart” also began trending, as everyone reminded her of what Colonel Vindman has sacrificed for his country.

No one considers GOP Senator Lindsey Graham to be anywhere close to mentally stable these days. But even he seems to be slipping further. Footage surfaced today of Graham refusing to have a conversation with a polite military veteran, and instead simply walking away from the guy:

These Republican Senators don’t know what to do with themselves. Even as they’re floating fantasies about how the Senate impeachment trial is somehow going to go swimmingly for them and Donald Trump, they know that it’ll be a no-win disaster no matter how they play it. No wonder they’re already acting out in increasingly frantic and juvenile fashion.

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