GOP Senator finally admits Donald Trump is toast

It is always a pleasant thing when a GOP member speaks up against Trump. Of course, this is not an event that happens all that often. But — surprise — it has happened this week. On Sunday, Senator Bill Cassidy spoke with Axios on HBO. And he made a rather shocking prediction.

Cassidy said that, in his view, there was a good chance that if Assolini ran for President in 2024, he would not even win the Primary: “President Trump is the first President, on the Republican side at least, to lose the House, the Senate, and the Presidency in four years. Elections are about winning.”

Well, alright! This is from a Republican. Words that make sense. I am speechless. Senator Cassidy also said he himself would not vote for assolini to be the Republican nominee.

Look — assolini even running in 2024 is garbage. But it was pretty refreshing to hear, at least ONE Republican Senator says something that makes sense. This does not occur with any regularity — the GOP making sense — so it is important to highlight it when it happens.


The fact is most Republicans despise Trump even as they clumsily fall all over themselves trying to please him. Sure, there are a few like Gucci fan Lindsey Graham who belong to him, body and soul. But most GOP members would, I suspect, be quite happy if they never heard from him again. Perhaps when he is arrested, they wont.

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