GOP Senator David Perdue just got destroyed

By now you’ve already seen Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff utterly eviscerate Republican Senator David Perdue to his face during their debate this week. This prompted Perdue to come up with a convenient excuse to skip their next scheduled debate. Now Perdue is really getting destroyed.

As the public continues to be outraged by David Perdue’s racist and cowardly behavior, a number of them have flocked to Perdue’s Twitter account, where they’ve found his pinned tweet about a bus tour. It currently looks like this:



That’s right, David Perdue’s tweet now has 1,100 mostly negative comments, and just five likes. We’ve seen some ugly ratios on Twitter, but we didn’t know that a ratio this large was even possible. Remarkably, the tweet doesn’t even have anything to do with Perdue’s latest controversies; it’s just the first tweet in his timeline. That’s how upset people are at him. You can support Jon Ossoff here.

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