Donald Trump may have unwittingly tipped off a Secret Society within the GOP

About a month ago, a group of GOP members perpetrated an implausible idea that a “Secret Society” or “Deep State” existed with the main intention of bringing down Donald Trump. They came to this convoluted conclusion based entirely on an innocuous text message exchange between two FBI agents. One by one, GOP Trump enablers in Congress like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Trey Gowdy, Devin Nunes and Ron Johnson were paraded out to several news stations to push this farfetched, Oliver Stone-like, cannabis infused, conspiracy notion.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good conspiracy and I have liked some of Stone’s stoned work, but these claims and false accusations by these Trump enablers even had Kellyanne Conway, Miss Alternative Facts herself, choking on the words “Secret Society.”

In reality, Donald Trump doesn’t need a Secret Society to bring him down. He does such a great job on his own, through his insane tweets, his ignorant off the script rally rants and his mindless, reckless opinions like arming teachers at schools with guns to prevent school shootings. Trump also has unwittingly provided Robert Mueller with more than enough crimes, including conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, tax evasion, obstruction and more, to eventually have himself removed from office. No Secret Society is needed to expose Donald Trump’s torrential flow of shortcomings or sabotage his administration. He’s very adept at doing that himself while making a mockery of his White House.

With their claim of a Secret Society, the GOP did actually project a possible reality that may exist within their party. I happen to believe there is a Secret Society whose sole purpose is driven by pure greed to compromise and undermine all governments for monetary gains. They are the unseen evil, a group of behind the scenes puppeteers who instigate wars for profits, suppress and oppress the less fortunate, the weak and uneducated, taking away what little they have to increase their lot. Sound familiar?

In every society, even great ones like the United States of America, there is too much inequity between the classes. The GOP Congress seems to have complete malice on making tax laws that only benefit the wealthy and furthering the burden on lower, lower middle and middle class. Now the GOP and Paul Ryan are looking to further burden Americans by taking away from our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Social Security is a self sustaining program and money that belongs to the people of the United States and shouldn’t be touched at all by Congress. Does this sound like a Secret Society at work looking to take what is not theirs and financially raping the American people? Sure does to me.

In my novel, Annihilation, one of the underlying story lines is about a Secret Society intent on ultimately controlling all governments by infiltration and implementation to control their wealth and power. Let’s take a look at some of the world leaders today. Vladimir Putin (Russia), Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Bashar Al Assad (Syria), Mohamed Suharto (Indonesia), all these leaders and about twenty more are all mired by suspicion of corruption while reaching their positions of power with the support of a corrupt government. Now you can add the United States to this list with Donald Trump. Frank V. D’Ambra is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge

Frank V. D'Ambra

Frank V. D’Ambra is an author, screenwriter, producer & director who was born & raised in The Bronx in NYC. He is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge.