GOP has a whole new Donald Trump problem

This ridiculous talk of civil war is way more amusing than threatening. Yes, MAGAts have guns. Yes, they got stirred up enough to invade the Capitol. But did you actually see them? They’re not an army of slim, energetic youth. They were more used to lining up for the buffet at Golden Corral than for drill. These were not serious soldiers and they couldn’t form a real army even if Chick Fil-A was willing to feed them. Certainly, Russia and China could inject some money into the fray and outfit these buffoons but since most of them are older than 40, all the costuming in the world won’t make them into soldiers.
The majority of Americans voted for Biden. The majority believe in the Constitution.

The overwhelming majority of Americans just want to get on with their lives and see a little competence in Washington. Biden, by the way, is working out just fine. He’s tackling the big problems head on and undoing as much Trump damage as he can given he’s not been in office a year now. In this hilariously stupid talk of Civil War 2.0 the MAGAts forget that the majority of our cities are overwhelmingly Democratic and that includes those in the South and Midwest. If these MAGAt “soldiers” think they’ll be fighting a war to take over America, they haven’t thought it through. Overrunning Joe’s farm is one thing, seizing Boston is another. These are not serious people, and they spout unserious ideas to rile up their aging and obese followers. Ignore them.


Trump is now threatening to have Republicans stay home instead of voting in 2022 and 2024 unless the “massive voter fraud” he claims he has proof of is not solved. Besides this being the best thing the guy has ever said, it’s just further proof of the theory when Republicans lie down with dogs, they get up with fleas. So let the rest of us move forward. The Republican party can deal with their flea problem alone.

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