Donald Trump’s goons don’t know what hit them

Even as Donald Trump and his underlings have tried to carry out a truly evil agenda, and achieved portions of it along the way, they’ve reminded us that they’re bleeping idiots. They’re incompetent at their villainy, which is why they’ve accomplished so much less evil than they were hoping to. It’s also why so many of Trump’s advisers have been picked off by the legal system. Now Team Trump has taken a profound blow, and it’s clear that they don’t know what to do with themselves.

Paul Manafort woke up in jail today, and he’ll almost surely remain behind bars for the rest of his life. It was a reminder that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is winning. He’s systematically taking Trump’s people down, forcing them to either help take Trump down, or rot in a cell. Every coherent person remaining on Trump’s team knows that they’re all going down. So now that their backs are truly against the wall, what’s their big plan for fighting back?

They’re “prepared for war.” No really, that’s what they just told the Washington Post that their strategy is. Oh come on. They dust off this “prepared for war” nonsense every time Mueller scores yet another big victory, and Team Trump gets inched closer to the exit door. This means they’ve got nothing. It also appears to signal that they don’t understand just how bad of a sign this Manafort thing is for them, and for Trump.

This sounds like how Saddam Hussein was talking, just before the United States ran him out of Kuwait. It’s the generic alpha-nonsense that people spew when they’re facing the prospect of getting their butt kicked and they’ve got no strategy. It’s not what you say if you’re a Donald Trump adviser, and you just realized most of Trump’s advisers are going to end up behind bars. It’s what you say when you’re in so deeply over your head, you don’t even know what’s hitting you.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report