Donald Trump and his goons aren’t even trying to hide it anymore

When movie villains finally get backed into such a corner that they know they’re probably not going to survive, they tend to throw any remaining pretense to the wind. If they’d been faking their innocence or trying to put on a good show up to that point, they drop the facade in favor of focusing on survival. We’re now seeing that from Donald Trump and the people who are still playing for his losing team.

Donald Trump and his goons appear to have figured out that the Michael Cohen bribery scandal is shaping up to be the last straw for them, and they’re putting all their remaining chips down on trying to fend it off. Trump even reined in Devin Nunes this week from his Trump-Russia scandal obstruction antics, in a signal that Trump is now more worried about the bribery scandal. We’re also seeing Trump’s underlings rapidly devolving to the point that they’re no longer even trying to hide their grotesque nature.

We all know Rudy Giuliani is a vile woman-hater. But it was stunning, even by his total lack of standards, when he flat out referred to Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti as a “pimp” this week. Trump adviser Kelly Sadler seems like a horrible person, but she’s never said anything so offensive that her own colleagues leaked it to the media – until now. She’s the one who joked about how they don’t have to worry about John McCain because he’s going to die soon anyway.

Donald Trump has always made a point of surrounding himself with the most horrifyingly awful people he can find. But now that everything is hitting the fan, and these scumbags are all embroiled in a desperate fight to keep their criminal White House takeover intact, they seem far less worried than ever about appearances. Why waste time and effort worrying about appearances? If they can’t find a magic wand to fend off these crushing scandals, they’ll be in the unemployment line or in prison soon anyway.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report